5000 Watts 5KW PluggedSolar Grid-Tied Solar Power System with micro-inverter

Product Features

  • 5KW Solar Power System for your whole house electric needs (5KW is needed by average house) , Your net price is only $5K after tax credit. Complete with all the components including micro-inverters, solar mounting frame and power monitoring
Price: $7,990.00
(as of 08/10/2017 09:03 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The system includes: 1. 5KWWatts of SOLAR PANELS: 17 x Solar Panels 300Watts (size 77″x39″) or 20 x 250Watt solar panels (66″ x39″) 2. Micro GRID TIE INVERTER: NEP BDM Mirco-inverter: Individual MPPT for each module. 3. SOLAR PANEL MOUNTING: Unirac SolarMount 168″ Rail, Mill (Qty 1) Unirac SolarMount ; SPLICE BAR SERRATED CLR – NEW Clear (Qty 1) ; Unirac SolarMount ENDCLAMP K CLR AL w/ Hardware (Qty 1) Unirac SolarMount Mid Clamp DK SS w/ Hardware, Clear (Qty 1) Unirac SolarMount L-Foot Serrated w/T-Bolt, Clear – NEW (Qty 1) Unirac Flat Flashing (Qty 1) Burndy 6.7 Grounding Lug, w/ WEEB and terminal screw (Qty1) 4: WIRES & AC DISCONNECT 5. POWER MONITOR FROM INVERTER COMPANY, NEP ALL THE ITEMS ARE APPROVED BY UTILITIES FOR SOLAR INSTALLTION

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